Published: Tuesday, March 29th, 2016 



There is a BRAZILIAN reasons to get waxed!

Spring has sprung, and so have those bothersome hairs that the world can see in your
warm weathered clothing! For hair removal you can wax or shave, but there are a
HANDFUL more reasons to wax instead of shave. Have no fear...you are
ALWAYS in good hands when you're getting waxed with us at The BrickHouse!


Waxing Benefit #1: It Lasts MUCH Longer!
When you shave, you are only cutting the hair down, not removing it. But when you wax,
you are actually removing the entire hair from the root! This results in hair-free skin for WEEKS!

Waxing Benefit #2: Causes Less Irritation
As we all know, shaving causes razor bumps that not only look bad, but they hurt
too! Waxing leaves your skin looking and feeling smooth for weeks to come because it
naturally exfoliates the areas you want to rid of the hair.

Waxing Benefit #3: Less Maintenance
The dreaded stubble. Yes, that hair that you shaved off yesterday is already back again.
The great thing about waxing is that the hair doesn't grow back for most people for
almost TWO weeks! So save yourself some time and STOP
shaving and START waxing!

Waxing Benefit #4: Hair Grows Back Thinner
Shaving is just like trimming your split ends; it not only causes your hair to grow,
but it also helps the hair thicken and grow back denser. Because waxing removes the
ENTIRE hair from the follicle, a new hair must grow back on its own.
Not only will it take MUCH longer to grow back, but it will also
come back much thinner than it originally was before.

Waxing Benefit #5: No Nicks, Cuts, or Scarring
The worst part about shaving is the annoying cuts that come along with it. Not only
do they hurt, but they take a long time to heal too! The fabulous thing about waxing is
that it is done very quickly without the worry of accidentally nicking
yourself or leaving any long-term scars. 


We have almost as many men come in for waxing services as we do women! 
So don't be scared fellas...we got you covered too!

Face Shapes & Brow Solutions


Characterized by a long jawline, the ideal brow for a square
face is a soft, angled, curved brow which softens the lines of the face.


Characterized by an ideally-proportioned width and height,
the most ideal brow for an oval-shaped face is soft and angled.


Characterized by a face that is as long as it is wide,
the ideal brow for a round face is an arching brow
(this will help elongate the face). 


Characterized by a defined and pointed chin,
the ideal brow for a heart-shaped face is a soft, rounded brow.

 BrickHouse Waxing Services:

Eye Brow Shaping  |  $17.00

Upper Lip Wax  |  $17.00

Chin Wax  |  $17.00

Sides of Face Wax  |  $20.00

Full Face Wax  |  $48.00

Underarm Wax  |  $25.00

Forearm Wax  |  $30.00 +

Toe Wax  |  $17.00 +

½ Leg Wax  |  $48.00 +

Full Leg Wax  |  $75.00 +

Basic Bikini Wax  |  $35.00 +

Bikini Shaping Wax  |  $55.00 +

Brazilian Wax  |  $75.00 +

Stomach Wax  |  $20.00 +

Full Back Wax  |  $65.00 +

...and MUCH more! 


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