Published: Monday, March 21st, 2016



"Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are."
-Chinese Proverb

Massage Therapy can be much more than just relaxing time to yourself! Not only does it improve your
health and wellness, but there are also a handful of emotional benefits that a single massage therapy
session can bring to you. Not nearly enough people realize that
Massage Therapy will bring out the BEST in you!


Benefit #1: Lowers Your Stress
Stress is a negative impact in today's fast-paced world and Massage Therapy is proven to reduce stress on a physical
and psychological level. Not only does it improve your state of mind, but it also helps our clients divert
their energy away from negative aspects and focus their energy on the positive priorities in their life.

Benefit #2: Increases Circulation & Normalizes Blood Pressure
The techniques that our therapists use during our massage help to flush lactic acid from the muscles,
which in turn improves the circulation within the body. Not only that, but massage
therapy helps lower blood pressure and decrease hypertension.

Benefit #3: Brightens Your Mood
Massage Therapy is not only known for removing pain and stress, but also for reducing the symptoms of depression.
Receiving a session of massage will provide a decrease in anxiety and an increase in overall happiness!

Benefit #4: Boosts Your Immune System
A therapeutic massage session not only increases the body's natural killer cells, but it also fights
again sicknesses and naturally helps the body get the proper nourishment to important areas.

Benefit #5: Relaxes and Unwinds Sore Muscles
Massage helps muscles recover by breaking down the lactic acid that is produced by the tissue within
the muscle itself. The lactic acid is what causes sore muscles, and our therapists have perfected the
proper bodywork techniques to help a hurting body recover quickly!



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