Published: Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016


At The BrickHouse, we believe in pampering our clients from head to toe. And while
a day at the spa might seem rejuvenating and enjoyable, many modern-day salons
unfortunately do not follow the proper rules and regulations to ensure the health
and well-being of the clients they serve. Our spa proudly exceeds cleaning and
sanitization requirements as well as keeps up-to-date with the latest laws in order
to guarantee the health and happiness of our clients. So, the next time you
spend a day at the nail salon, be sure that your fingers and toes are
being put in good hands rather than being put at risk!



What many nail salons are doing:
Improperly cleaning and sanitizing tools between clients, not sanitizing pedicure tubs according to
state regulations, re-labeling cleaning containers while using conterfeit products to reduce
their costs (example: using Windex instead of medical-grade Barbicide).

How this is risky to you: 
Fungus and infections are HIGHLY contagious! If the client prior to you had a contagious
fungus and the tools that were used on them were not properly sterilized,
there is a 99% chance that you will also be contaminated with this infection too!

What The BrickHouse is doing to ensure your health:
We comply with Washington State requirements and circulate our pedicure tubs with
disinfected-treated water for at least 10 minutes between client appointments.
Each implement and tool is cleaned completely before ever being used on another client.
We also refuse service to any clients with active nail fungus. Your safety is our priority!


What many nail salons are doing:
Many untrained Nail Technicians are clipping cuticles too quickly and incising the skin. Not
only that, but many salons offer the use of a razor during pedicures. Yes...a RAZOR.
This tool is used to rid of the callouses on the clients feet and sometimes hands.

How this is risky to you:
Not only can this practice be painful, but it also opens up the surface of the skin which
puts the client at a high risk for infections! And because this tool is illegal to use, it is
usually hidden and not properly sanitized between clients.

What The BrickHouse is doing to ensure your health:
Our Nail Technicians must undergo a practical interview prior to hiring in order to assure that they are
properly trained and instructed to perform nail work.
Not only that, but we also require their
Washington State Cosmetology Licenses to be hung up at the spa to verify their legal right to practice. In
many cases, nail  technicians will post imitation licenses on the walls of their salon...SO tricky!


What many nail salons are doing: 
Many nail salons offer Acrylic Nails. Although these nail treatments are beautiful, they unfortunately
come with the cost of strong chemical smells throughout the entire building.

How this is risky to you:
The materials used for Acrylic Nails are organic solvents, which have a high potential for two things:
irritation to the lungs as well as cancer-causing toxins. Inhaling these toxic chemicals puts
you at risk for serious health complications and asthma flare-ups.

What The BrickHouse is doing to ensure your health:
Here at The BH, we pride ourselves in being an all-natural day spa. Our alternative to
Acrylic Nails is our Brilliant Nails Manicure, where we apply long lasting
gel polish, a much safer and more eco-friendly option.




The BrickHouse proudly uses OPI Nail Polish during our nail services. Not only is OPI considered
one of the highest-quality polishes in the industry due to their long-lasting laquer, but also
because their brush quality and short dry-time is ideal 
for polish application.

Not only that, but our clients also get a kick out of the fun names of the polishes: 

"Houston We Have a Purple"

"Suzi Loves Cowboys"

"Big Hair - Big Nails"

"Party in My Cabana"

"Paint My Moji-toes Red"


"Cuckoo for this Color"

...and MANY more! Come check out our selection at the spa to
see what other fabulous colors we currently have in stock!


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